Reform required in the US; support an International Boycott of US until talks are granted

Reform required in the US; support an International Boycott of US until talks are granted

1 June 2020
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Donald J. Trump (President)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Phil Atkinson

We've all watched in horror at the images of George Floyd being murdered by Policemen in the US, just like many before him. It seems like we've seen this all before, again & again. I love the US but reform is needed.

It is quite obvious around the world that change is required in the US. Whilst I don't want to specify what that change should be, it starts with recognizing that you have a problem. It doesn't start with Invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807.

As an outside observer, it is quite obvious to me that many of the Police in the US come across as being racist. It may not be all of them but their silence & inaction around these issues is the same as guilt. We've seen many pictures of President Trump completely mis-reading the situation; his speech invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 confirms this.

Despite what the President thinks, the US does not have one rule of law & order that applies equally to all residents, regardless of colour; until this is resolved I fear that nothing will change. Alas, the statements of many of senior people I have heard from in the last few days have all been disappointing, essentially stating that their is no problem; this is the problem.

Whilst there have been terrible incidents of looting & violence, which is appalling, the majority of the protestors have been peaceful.

Lets send a message to the US Government, from the US & around the world, that we stand with peaceful protestors & demand change

There are many different ways of changing the civilian / police relationship, thus emphasizing police as a public servant to all residents. It's not for me to determine what these changes should be, that's to be decided by the to be determined 'Black Lives Matter' decision makers.

Therefore, in support of all people in the US, I either:

- support a Boycott of US travel; or

- refuse to travel to the US until such time as change is instigated

If you want to see change & agree with one of the above for a US Boycott, please feel free to sign this petition.

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Signatures: 322Next Goal: 500
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