President Trump please offer Tommy Robinson political Asylum

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Tommy Robinson is going to be sent to jail on the 11th July for asking convicted rapists, as a journalist "how are you feeling about your sentence?", he has been refused by the judge to be given at least 4 weeks to prepare a pre-sentence report which is unheard of. Murderers, rapists, terrorists, all of these are given time to prepare pre-sentence reports and other necessary assessments before they are sentenced, but of course not Tommy. In prison Tommy' s life is in great danger.  We, supporters of Tommy Robinson ask you to please intervene and help him by offering him and his family political asylum. Main steam media constantly write fake news about Tommy Robinson. He had over a million followers on Facebook before he was deplatformed. He is very much loved by many people all over the world for speaking the truth. A good place to start to learn about who he really is, is to watch his Oxford union speech on YouTube. He has also written two best selling books "Enemy of the State" and "Mohammed's  Koran"