President Trump: Declare White Nationalists Terrorists

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One hundred percent of all terrorist attacks on US soil have been perpetrated by far-right extremists since the end of 2017.

White supremacism and white nationalism are no longer fringe beliefs. Millions of Americans are sympathetic to these belief systems, and their popularity is inspiring unprecedented numbers of angry, violent ideologues to act them out in the most heinous of ways: by murdering innocent people en masse.

These are not merely the acts of the depraved. They are not merely hate crimes, though they are that. These attacks are politically motivated. They're directly inspired by political ideologies. Their targets are civilians. These attacks are acts of terrorism.

In spite of the staggering number of such attacks that have occurred under the watch of the president's administration, the president has made no attempt to formally condemn the ideologies responsible for these attacks, nor have any of these attacks been acknowledged as what they are: acts of terrorism.

In the wake of the recent terrorist attack in El Paso, Texas, in which the perpetrator published a manifesto detailing the political and ideological motives for his murders, this state of affairs can no longer be tolerated. The citizens of this nation do not abide those who would murder our own, and we do not abide the presidential administration's refusal to identify the intentions and motives of these murderers.

Donald Trump, call a spade a spade. Show the American people that you recognize the threat that is upon us. Enact measures to address that threat, the first of which is identifying that the threat exists.