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Currently across the country our youths are confused when they are considered an adult because our laws are archaic, confusing and inconsistent.  There are 50 states and over 3,000 counties with many different laws using ages from 13 to 26 years old defining when someone is considered an adult.  For example; when they graduate from high school or college, when they get their drivers license, when they get married, when they enter the military, when they can make a bet, buy a gun, cigarettes or a beer.

 Parents are confused when their parental responsibilities end and the government confuses everyone with the inconsistency and contradiction of the laws they make.   Doctors say the body continues to grow and develop until the age of 20 years old. Brain Surgeons and Scientist say that a persons frontal lobes of their brain or "Grey Matter" doesn't fully develop until they reach the age of 20 years old or even older and they call it "Neuromaturation". 

Now in the new millennium we need to follow the science and our laws need to evolve as they intersect science and common sense.   We have come a long way from the agrarian society and we have evolved into an intellectually and technology based nation.  Our laws need to evolve too!  There should be one legal age for all of the following laws, rules and regulations to be consistent and fair.  Some of the laws the age will increase from where they are currently and other laws will decrease but it levels the playing field  for everyone without discrimination.      

We believe that Everyone on their 20th birthday will have ascended to the "Age-of-Majority" or the age someone is considered an Adult and Emancipated under Federal Law.  Everyone under 20 years old will be considered a minor under their guardian or parent's responsibility.

We want to make this law the 28th Amendment to the Constitution United States of America. That means we need to get 34 state legislatures to approve or ratify the law, as well as, congress ratification and signed by the President.

If this passes some of the current laws will go up and some will go down. It means a person must be at least 20 years old to do any or all of the following:

Smoking Age
Gambling Age
Pornography Age
Voting Age
Marriage Age
Contract Age
Licensing Age
Juvenile Justice Age
Child Support Age
Military Combat Age
Drinking Age
Tattoo/Piercing Age
School Dropout Age 
Credit Card Age
Handgun Purchase Age

Please read the entire bill @ and help make the bill a reality by signing this petition and supporting the legislation in congress.