Please STOP treating illegal immigrants as criminals

Please STOP treating illegal immigrants as criminals

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Aruna Devi P V started this petition to President Donald J. Trump

Dear Mr.President,

I am not an advocate for illegal immigrants. I do think it should be put to an end if we need to protect this country. However, I am here to question the process. Government chooses a location to ride, show up suddenly, catch people by their neck from office and from their cars, ill-treat them, then after verification, they release few and detain the rest. Well! The very reason why these people are living on this land without proper paperwork is demonstration of loop holes in the immigration system to first letting them in. But why only punish them?

First, they are not criminals. They are here for better prospects perhaps they don’t find in their own country. Second, they are not here for performing criminal activities. If they do, irrespective of immigrant or citizen, they deserve punishment for their act. However, most of these people are workers just like me with their families, trying to save every penny for their kids’ education and future. They are not supposed to be treated this way. Did the government think about the impact they are making on the children when they retain their parents? They are creating negative emotion in the kids which they won’t be able to overcome ever.

As a common person, this is what I think the government should do -

1.     Tighten the border rules and fix the loop holes in the immigration process where people can enter illegally. Take proactive measures first and not just being reactive.

2.     For those who the government thinks as illegal immigrants, issue a legal notice. Give them couple of days or a week to present their documents. Set up mini immigration offices where papers can be presented with ease without having to wait for long time.

3.     In this case, people with proper documents are not captured and then released. They were given fair opportunity to present their case without going through trauma.

4.     For people with no proper documentation, if they are valid workers with no criminal background, give a chance for their employers to give them a legal worker status. They were contributing to this society in some way. Their contribution needs recognition.

5.     And for those, who cannot legalize their stay through employer, given them timeline during which they can move back to their country or somewhere else.  At least, they have some time to digest what is coming and make alternate arrangements for their kids and other family members.

6.     If they stay beyond the time given, government can arrest them.

I feel these processes will smoothen the friction between government and immigrants and give each other a fair chance.  

There are many people to talk about human rights and this is violation etc., I am not going to do that. I am just asking the government and in turn the leaders to be human. Anybody, who has not harmed anyone doesn’t deserve to be harmed. And this is not completely their fault. It’s because of loop holes in our system too. So be fair to them and give them a chance to prove their status and take care of their families. Treat them as your fellow human being who just happened to be on your soil. But they are not here to harm you but to support you.

So, Government!  Please STOP treating them as Criminals.

Thank you



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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!