Petition Trump to use stimulus funding for research of Hydroxychloroquine against CV-19.

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There is a crisis of health in this nation. It is well known and acutely felt from Manhattan to Los Angeles. Deaths continue to rise in their thousands. Now more than ever the sleeping giant must again awaken. 

Covid-19 has crippled the economy, restricted us to our homes and has taken the lives of those we love. We must act by using our entire medical arsenal against this domestic threat. 

As vaccines are prepared at record speed we must look to another modality to safeguard our loved ones. Dr. Didier Raoult et al. from France and Zhaowei Chen et al. from China have published studies that have shown promise in the fight against Covid using the compound hydroxycholoquine. 

This compound is used to treat Malaria but with proper application is shown to have effect against the virus infecting our bodies and sparking fear in our minds. President Trump has already ordered that stockpiles of hydroxychloroquine be secured. This is a great first step while our doctors seek a cure.

Further action is now required on behalf of all of us in our homes. We need to support our doctors by demanding that funds from the stimulus package be made available to research the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in American studies. We cannot sit idly by while the French and Chinese fight with everything they have in the battle for health. 

We made the mistake of waiting to act in WWII and many paid the price. We must act quickly and decisively as a nation and come together against this threat to our families. By giving our doctors the support they need to research this new weapon against Covid-19. Protect your loved ones by signing this petition.  We must eliminate this virus by any means necessary and together with the help of doctors the world over will secure the future of our nation.