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Darrell Kelley
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We the people signing this petition demand that these mass shootings stop. The era of
only thoughts, prayers and apologies has passed – we must stop this scourge that is enabling the
murder of our people. Contact the White House and voice your support for anti-gun legislation on
a National level, your representatives, and the NRA Lobbyist Institute: 1-800-672-3888. Join the
Brady Foundation for Gun Control. Please, people – we must take a stand!
On an average day 96 people die from gun violence in the USA. Thoughts, prayers and
apologies may be enough for some – but not for us. In 1977 the NRA shifted from being a
sportsman’s organization to the political lobbying organization with extreme views. It is the NRA
that facilitates the flow of guns out into our streets. Although a majority of Americans support
stronger gun control nothing seems to change. What will it take to stop the murderers targeting
our schools, churches and concerts? Americans are getting fed up with the inaction of our leaders.
What will it take to get them to stand up to the NRA Lobbyists?
Many members of the NRA don’t support its more extreme policies. Currently, 74% of
NRA members agree on background checks for gun buyers, 71% want those included on terrorist
watch lists to be prohibited from purchasing guns – positions that are the opposite of the NRA
party line. So why do they remain members? One reason is financial – NRA members receive
valuable discounts on things like insurance and hotel stays. The myriad of discounts offered to
NRA members by corporations are listed on the NRA membership site include MetLife,
LifeLock, eHealth, Norton Security, Allied Movers, North American Van Lines, Hertz, Avis, and
the First National Bank of Omaha. These partnerships not only help the NRA attract and retain
members, but also provide funds for the NRA that help fuel its extremist agenda.
A sensible reading of the 2nd Amendment would restrict the purchase of equipment
designed for mass murder: large clips, military grade semi-and fully automatic rifles, and
ammunition for the same, which could be as easily tracked as over-the-counter medication. Yet
none of it will be regulated while the NRA maintains it death grip on our branches of government
by coercing politicians and voters with money and intimidation, and restricting our safety and
public health.
Recording Artist Darrell Kelley’s commitment to do his part to help reduce gun violence
has inspired him to donate portions of the proceeds from his hit single “BECAUSE OF YOU” to
this important cause. To learn more go to where you can make
donations to the cause also.

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