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Hello, Everyone.

Please do more than consider this petition.
Let's make a miracle happen for these Poor Suffering People...

https://borgenproject.org/many-people-live-poverty-worldwide/#:~:text=A shocking 80 percent of the world’s population,almost 6 billion people living in poverty worldwide.

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This is U.S. Civilian Grand Master General Gregory Lynn Valentine Junior.

Can I ask you a few questions?
#1. Have you ever had to tell your kid's that they cannot eat because there is no money for food?
#2. Have you ever had to beg someone for spare change just to eat?
#3. Do you know what it is like to lose everything and be forced into homelessness?
#4. Have you ever had to resort to prostitution to make a living?
#5. Have you ever been sick but couldn't afford to see a doctor?
#6. Have you ever had to sleep on a sidewalk or in a park exposed to people and the elements?
#7. Do you know what it is like to look your family in the eyes and tell them that you can no longer take care of them?
#8. Do you know what is like to be completely hopeless?
#9. Do you know what is like not to have anymore family and be entirely alone?
#10. Do you know what it's like to feel like you might never be freed from the misery of being poor?

Poverty, the state of being extremely poor. When you think of poverty what comes to your mind? Do you think of the poor kid's that cannot afford to eat nutritious food? Do you think about the kid's that do not have adequate shelter? Do you think about the kid's that cannot afford to go to school? Do you think about the struggling families that suffer because they don't have any money?

What about all of the people out there who do not have clean water to bathe and drink? Families forced to rummage through the trash just to survive. They are also forced into drug abuse and prostitution. Have any of you ever had to give a "Sexual Favor" just so you could eat that day? Have any of you been forced to sell your body just to survive?

Have any of you been urinated on and suffered degradation by being called a bum or a loser? Have any of you lost everything you owned and had your dream's crushed? Have any of you ever had to tell your hungry kid's that there is no food so they cannot eat? Have any of you had to sleep outside under a bridge, in a park, or in a car in a parking lot?

Have any of you ever eaten thrown away food out of a garbage can or dumpster? Have any of you ever been homeless living on the street having to endure the elements? Have any of you ever had to beg for spare change just to stay alive? Have any of you gone without proper healthcare? Have any of you lost your entire family or have had your family disown you?

When I think of poverty I think of all the poor children out there suffering. Suffering without the basic needs for human existence. They have no money to buy new clothes or new shoes. They do not have nutritious food to nourish their young growing bodies. Their parents if they are lucky to have any struggle everyday to provide for their family.

Not everyone has the same opportunities in life. Many are blessed with the life skills to prosper and they work very hard to succeed. However, there are those many people who do not share these positive circumstances. Many are born into a literal hell and cannot escape the horrific reality of their individual circumstances. Some suffer from drug addiction, alcoholism and prescription drug abuse.

These people are suffering circumstances that are unique to the individual mindset of the addict. For whatever reason Life has dealt a bad hand to some of these poor suffering souls. And these people require more compassion love and understanding than the rest of the population. The rest of whom are secure in their lives and are not suffering from an addiction. People turn to drugs to escape the horrible reality of their existence.

Addiction does not discriminate there are also wealthy people whom suffer from addiction as well. I had to emphasize addiction because it plays such a huge role in peoples lives. Back to the people living in poverty. The impoverished have to dig through the trash to eat. They have to beg people for spare change.

They do not have a safe living space. They are exposed to the elements. They do not have proper healthcare.
Their lives have been lost to a broken and disabled system that should be seeing to it that they are cared for properly. All of these people rely on the decision makers in Washington D.C. to determine a "budget" designated to provide assistance.

But there are certain criteria one and one's family must meet before they are able to receive assistance. And there are lengthy waiting lists that force people to go without assistance for a duration of time. They are then left to fend for themselves. Thank God for the kind hearted people out there that sacrifice so much in order to help the poor in these situation's. I believe these people's dignity and self-worth has already been stolen.

Why force them to endure any further embarrassment and have them beg for assistance. Isn't the fact that they are asking for help enough for the Government to do something? And who can put a budget limit on helping the poor impoverished people? It is our responsibility to take care of one another. And to see to it that every man, woman and child has at the very least the basic needs for human existence.

The rights to adequate shelter, nutritious food, clean clothes, suitable shoes and clean water. But why do they have to remain poor? And settle for Only the basics? I believe the Government should provide a human existence acknowledgement of nothing less than $5,000.00 a month. To everyone who lives in poverty.

That is why I am writing this petition. It is a
genuine heartfelt plea for the Government to build a computer with a banking program. Input a number/dollar amount that cannot be depleted. And issue these poor suffering people a pre-paid debit card. I know to some of you this idea may sound crazy.

But I don't see any other way. There are roughly 3 billion people living in poverty. In order to give them $5,000.00 a month it would equal $180 Trillion Dollars a year. There is no way to print that amount of money. It would take 100 years to print $20 trillion Dollars. And there is more than $1.5 trillion in U.S. currency in circulation at any given time.

If we use a pre-paid debit card with a no cash back restriction. That in my opinion would not cause inflation. It would stimulate the economy. Creating millions of jobs. And where there is no electronic systems in place to use debit cards. Such as the developing countries.

They can use the old style card manual slider/carbon copy imprint machines. We must not delay any further. We must do for these poor families what we would expect to be done for our families if we were the one's living in poverty. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. My feeling is that these people deserve to be saved from the nightmare of poverty.

When we think of Poverty what comes to mind? Poverty is the state of being extremely poor. When we think of forgiveness what comes to mind? Forgiveness is
the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.

When we think of peace what comes to mind? Peace is freedom from disturbance tranquility. When we think of Faith what comes to mind? Faith is Complete trust or confidence in someone or something. When we think of Love what comes to mind? Love is an intense feeling of deep affection.

Now that we have in mind these things what would it take to change the World?
Are we going to ignore the truth and all that is self-evident of what it would take to accomplish what is in everyone's heart's and soul's. We know what it should take to see that we all live in harmony. As it is written in The United States Declaration Of Independence that "All men are created equal" so they too shall have an equal chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

When I think of what it would take to see all of these wonderful things come to fruition. I have in mind everyone looking after and caring for one another. There shall not be anyone left behind. It is our duty obligation And responsibility to see to it that no man woman or child ever be denied basic human rights. The right to shelter, nutritious food, suitable clothing and clean water. What do we do when we know that nearly one half of our world's population lives in poverty?

Our people our brothers and sister's are Suffering dying alone scared weak and starving to death living without the basic needs for human existence. What are we going to do about it? Together, I believe we can conquer these terrible circumstances by creating a Civilian Reserve System. That will therefore see to it that these
Poor Suffering People's receive a human Existence acknowledgement. To grant the necessary means of support to meet the requirements for basic human needs.

Are these poor people to be denied because of our incompetence? Are these horrible conditions that people face and live in every day will they go on to be continually ignored. Again because of our ineptitude? Shall these people be tossed aside? They love as we do they hope as we do and they have dreams as we do. What do we have to say for ourselves and for the welfare of our people?

Maybe we could consider how we might start a World War to save these people using the strongest and finest people on this planet namely our Military's. Rather than having them meet on a battlefield to cut each other down. It seems to be unreasonable that we would choose to have the finest people on the earth die in combat because our leaders cannot come to terms over a disagreement. Instead of dropping bombs and destroying our cities we could be dropping food and water clothing and shoes. How do we come together and feed and clothe these Poor Suffering People's? Let's create a Civilian Reserve System.

Ever since I was a young boy around 10 year's old I wrote about building a Computer to save the World. And now I know that there was someone special speaking to me from Heaven.

I have been working tirelessly toward's coming up with a solution to end all poverty. The best I have come up with is to build a computer with a banking program. That will distribute A Debit Acknowledgement for their Human Existence with no cash back of nothing less than $5,000.00 Per head of household per month for these poor suffering People's. For the rest of their beautiful lives.

Can't we credit this computer with a number that cannot be depleted and distribute said acknowledgement to the People's as soon as humanly possible? May we even work with the Department of Human Services as they have their own Debit/E.B.T. Card's?

It is Crime's Against Humanity to sit idly by while these People's are left to starve, suffer and die. I U.S. Civilian Grand Master General of the U.S. Civilian Military Reserve have decided it's time to take action. And I am responsibly obligated and dutifully bound to do by any and all mean's necessary take action to save these People's.

Please view these graphic Video's. To be aware of my motivation and therefore the manifestation of my intention's and plan of action.

Nearly 1/2 of the world's population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 a day. 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty.
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And May God Be With Us All, Amen.

Signed, Your, U.S. Civilian Grand Master General, Gregory Lynn Valentine Junior.


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