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Petition For The Release of Charles Dyer

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It only takes an accusation! Imagine spending years in prison for something you were accused of, but didn’t do.

Now imagine yourself as a decorated Marine who has served his country during one tour in Japan, one tour in Iraq, been honorably discharged, and has never before been arrested for anything. Welcome to the world of Charles Alan Dyer of Duncan, Oklahoma.

Dyer went on to receive two trials: one ended in a hung jury and the second ended in a mistrial when it was discovered that the District Attorney had mailed surveys out to the jury pool. During the first trial Valerie allegedly lied about when she reported her daughter’s alleged abuse to the authorities, claiming that it was the day after she suspected abuse, when it was actually five days after the date she reportedly suspected foul play. Although Valerie claimed that she noticed Hayley’s private parts as “gaping open and red” she did not seek medical help, but instead, sent Hayley to school. Reports show that Hayley attended school up until the day before the forensic interview when the 438 pornographic images were viewed on Valerie’s computer.

At one point during the first trial, Valerie claimed that Dyer had attacked her outside the courthouse, but a video surveillance camera revealed that it was a lie and that she had actually gotten in his face and verbally attacked him.

Then, in one of the most reprehensible travesties of justice, virtually all this evidence was withheld from the jury of a third trial in which Dyer was ultimately convicted. Not only did Dyer’s attorney Albert J. Hoch Jr. not call any witnesses that could testify about the computer searches, he also did not call any other witnesses who could undermine Valerie’s credibility, despite Dyer’s alleged assertions to Hoch to let the witnesses testify on his behalf. Also absent from the third trial were the results of DNA testing performed by OSBI at the place where the abuse had reportedly occurred, that would have corroborated Dyer’s assertion that he was innocent of the charges against him.

Why would Dyer’s attorney withhold the crucial evidence from the jury that Valerie’s computer was used to conduct searches regarding sex abuse, custody, and porn only days prior to her calling the authorities? But even more importantly, this evidence would have revealed that these initial searches were performed BEFORE Hayley accused her father. What Hoch’s motivation was for withholding this damning evidence that may have changed the outcome of the trial is, at this point, unclear, but it is the firm opinion of all the US~Observer reporters who have worked on this case, that Hayley’s accusations were absolutely coached – manufactured!

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