Presidential Petition to Donald Trump for Mercy for Todd Aurit

Presidential Petition to Donald Trump for Mercy for Todd Aurit

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Mother Katie Tells us about her son Todd and how SSRI drugs impacted his life and others.

August 20.2019

President Donald Trump

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Trump,

         Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, as i can only imagine that the office of the Presidency is very taxing on one’s body, mind and emotions. 

          The purpose for my writing, is in regards to my son Todd Anthony Aurit, who continues to be detained by the Colorado Department of Corrections, as has been the case for the past 15 and ½ years. To set the background for this matter, one must understand that all was well until Todd put his faith in Dr. Michael Fagen who prescribed three different medications to help Todd deal with depression after losing his home,1,000,000-dollar business, wife and children. All these issues were just too much for Todd to deal with at one time and the medication that was supposed to assist him in dealing with depression had major adverse effects on his ability to think coherently. This combination of life altering events prevented Todd from making sound decisions; the first of which was to travel along the common road ways while not having clear thinking and full control of his motor skills. Todd was in a Rem sleep from the medications when his automobile struck another automobile which in effect took another’s life. This fact was supported by Dr. Ann Tracy, who explained the issue to the court via affidavit. 

          This event has and continues to cause Todd much grief. He has to live the rest of his life with the fact that his actions produced such consequences that have changed so many lives, but the fact remains that Todd did not knowingly and willfully set out to take this life. Up to this point, Todd’s only real mistake was to trust someone who is suppose to be an expert to assist Todd with depression.

          This mistake continues to prove to this day to be an issue of serious misplaced trust. While continuing to think unclearly, Todd accepted court appointed attorney, Kathy McGuire and Kyle Dumler. This woman and man  pressured Todd into accepting a 72-year plea for vehicular homicide. He was told if he didn’t take it, and the case went to trial, he would be facing a life sentence. At 39 years of age, one in their right mind can see that 72 years is a life sentence. Why would anyone in their correct mind take this plea? He was on seven mind altering medications at the time he took the plea. It is quite obvious to anyone with a sound mind to comprehend that Todd was coerced into taking this ridiculous plea.

       We, his family, and Todd, cannot even begin to imagine the grief this unfortunate incident has caused the family of the deceased. However, we can comprehend the massive strain it has placed on our lives. i, his mother am 80 years old and don’t have many more years to sojourn in this life. i am greatly grieved every hour of every day i see my son suffer as his current state produces. Todd lost his own dad at age 12 to suicide, and Todd has nephews,3 sons and a young grandson he has never met. He has not seen his two youngest sons the entire stay in prison. As we understand, the 15 and 1/2 years that Todd has already spent incarcerated, far exceeds the average sentence for this type of crime. We hope that you will conclude as we do that Todd’s sentence should receive commutation. Everyone directly connected to this incident continues to suffer the pain and grief associated with the out-come. While nothing can be done for the family of the deceased by Todd’s position concerning the sentence, commutation will at least produce massive positive effects on those family members in Todd’s life. Todd will continue to have to live with the fact of his poor misplacing of trust and the consequences thereof, but at least his release could help healing for many of the lives that depend on Todd to fill a roll of which he has sense been removed. 

My son’s health has deteriorated since he has been detained. Todd faces each and every day with severe stomach problems, rheumatoid arthritis, severe back pain, and his teeth are aching almost constantly. His body is in much needed medical attention the detention facility does not or will not provide. Todd has taken rehabilitation programs offered, has a clear record of conduct, and is a leader in a faith group within the center. My son is a man who walks in truth. 

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for living up to thy promise to make America great again. I believe your actions speak louder than words with such programs as the “First Step Act” which prove that you are one of the few politicians that can be trusted. Reading of the hope you have put back into the many lives of children by restoring their parents to them, gives me great hope that you are one man that understands just how important parents are to making families strong which is the foundation of making your promise a possibility in making America great again. It is with this hope that i am petitioning you for the release of my son, Todd Anthony Aurit.

In closing, i’d like to assure you that Todd has a strong will to survive, rebuild the lives and relationships with all his friends and family members that so eagerly await his release. He has many talents and we all have no doubt Todd will rebuild trust within society and never be a burden on anyone. All of his family are behind him and eagerly await his release. i wish to thank you for taking of thy valuable time to read this most important letter and ask that you grant clemency to Todd as you have done for others like Todd. It is my prayer that the Father not only give you wisdom in this matter, but that he also protects you and your family and grants you long life, good health and happiness. i have but few days left to see Todd rebuild his life and have great hope that you will fulfill your role in making this a reality.

Sincerely yours,


Kathleen Aurit

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