Masked Can Save Lives, Pride Not to Wear Masks Will Cause More Deaths

Masked Can Save Lives, Pride Not to Wear Masks Will Cause More Deaths

March 11, 2020
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President Donald J. Trump and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by John Nowak

Begin by example calling for President Trump and all elected officials to wear masks, especially on TV. Trump can change this in a heartbeat by wearing a mask and his personnel surrounding him on National TV.

How masks can save your life and the pride to not wear masks can kill you and your love ones.

Reading articles and watching many videos on wearing a mask or not to wear a mask. I notice there are many trying to find excuses for you to not obtain a mask and wear.

Arguments against wearing mask and counter-arguments:

Mask will not protect you, counter argument its a fact that mask will give you significant protection against airborne virus particles infecting you. Common sense says if masks didn't provide significant protection from airborne viruses, medical personal won't be wearing masks.

People who are infected should only wear a mask. Counter-argument the people who are unaware they are infected who do not wear masks will transmit the virus to others. The safeguard when everyone wears a mask would protect from those who aren't aware yet they been infected, who are transmitting the virus to others.

The argument there is a shortage of masks even among medical personal, you will be helping medical personnel to obtain masks. Counter-argument there is some justification for this reasoning, however, if there was no shortage of masks, the obvious recommendation would be everyone should be wearing a mask to help lessen the spread of the virus.

Another argument is you must be professionally trained to fit the mask on your face, so don't bother with wearing masked, as if you are too dumb to quickly learn Counter-argument simply watch a video how to properly fit a mask.

I sense there some other unmentioned underlying excuses, people are not wanting to be an inconvenience wearing a mask and even partly American pride against covering your face with a mask.

We shouldn't be to telling others not to obtain and use masks, instead should be creating a greater supply of masks and mass distribution of mask.

This is why I started a petition for a government national program must immediately begin to acquire, through the confiscation of large stockpiles if necessary, and especially massive government-funded and adding personal to increase manufacturing 24/7, for rapid distribution of the N-95 or similar filtered mask to be provided free of charge to all Americans, and hospitals beginning especially in affected areas.

I am not saying wearing a mask is full proof, what I am saying is everyone wearing masks will significantly reduce the possibility of transmitting the virus one to another.

Our nation is ignoring the obvious, wearing a mask will protect against spreading the virus.

We need the tool of masks for everyone to properly take on this foe.

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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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