Manipulation not only costs time and money, but also endangers jobs!

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The Internet is growing and growing and is taking on an ever greater part of our lives. One reason for this growth was initially the many opportunities and FREEDOM offered by the Internet. Meanwhile, online commerce is a high priority in our economy.

In the beginning - today's big websites - was a good idea, which was the foundation for the success of many companies. However, with the influence of investors, these ideas have changed.

Inform you in this Video - how free the internet is. Please use for english Subtitile and set this in english or your native language:


Platforms have the power

The big internet corporation like known search engines or social communities possess a very large market power is well known. What consequences this actually has or could have, is not aware of most! But already today, manipulations make clear where the journey could go.

Now, if a search engine decides to downgrade certain websites to your advantage or an online community determines the reach of posts, we should be very attentive. Details can be found on the APOOS page. Since bloggers or companies can still go to so much trouble, if a platform does not like something, the platform determines the success and it does not matter if they have built a network on this site for years.

Users are thus under the obligation to act!

No matter what area you are in, if a search engine devalues your site and thus your product offerings, you will make less sales. If your focus is on the online or online trade, this can be a threat to your existence. So at least theoretically, you have two options; the first one you forego on sales, if you can afford it. The second option is to buy back your visibility with the help of ad programs offered by search engines or social communities.

Some years ago you would have said, the few cents per click are not bad. Today, however, the few cents have made many EURO per click in many areas. Of course, these costs can then be redirected to the consumer, but what does that actually mean?

A company / search engine / social community, because of its market power (too little competition), not only has the ability to determine the price of a company's survival, but also to destroy it, e.g. in which the company concerned may not advertise or the prices are correspondingly high. A transparency is not visible in my view here.

Penalties no solution

Of course, there is the federal government or the EU, which then from time to impose alleged record penalties, who deals with this topic more quickly will find that makes even in Germany, the formation of cartels financially worthwhile and that too, if one is caught.

A major search engine, which also launched a mobile phone operating program, was fined € 4.3 billion by the EU in 2018. This may seem like a lot right away, but if you divide that sum by the number of operating systems delivered and the years that have passed, this results in a value that is just too ridiculously small, especially compared to the presumptive advertising revenues associated with the operating system in that one Period were achieved.

One billion euros and more are earning some search engines or social communities in just one month. With such a financial cushion you can come up with both legal and technical all-round, in order to bind the users even more strongly.


What will the future bring? If the current situation does not change, these companies will continue to ask for any amount! If the greed of these platforms continues to rise, not only individual jobs or companies are endangered, but entire industries! Personally, that makes me very thoughtful.


One solution I see is changing the competitive situation. We need new platforms that offer competitive features while keeping the free internet aspect in mind.


I myself have already started two attempts (2008 & 2011 - 2017) to launch a corresponding platform. The concept for my fair all-in-one community or social media & marketing platform can be found at By the way, I have self-financed the first two attempts, for the third attempt I need financial support.


Regarding the equalization of market power and the reduction of a possible risk to jobs and companies, I think the following point makes sense:

Provision of funding for the APOOS project!

Is that your opinion?

- We urgently need more fair competition to protect jobs
- To reduce manipulation
- and to reduce the market power of the major Internet companies.

Then support this petition.

I thank you!