Mandatory Polygraph Tests For Police Applicants.

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First, I'll tell you a crazy-personal-short story to lead into the breakdown: I worked with an older gentleman (in his 60's) a few years back, we had a conversation and he recounted me a story. The topic was "Life back in his day." We went into discussion about the "good ol' party days" and the clubs/bars that he would go to. I'll be quick to the point, this part of his story stuck with me. He said, if cops found you drunk or acting "out of line" with an "attitude" on the sidewalk after a party while patrolling, even if you were just normally drunk or irritated them in some way, they had a routine. They would show up, take you in an alley way and knock some sense into before leaving you on the ground and taking off. They beat you up so that you'd "learned your lesson." That was apparently "justice." One of many unlawful actions executed by many officers over the years it seems, which continue to echo into our day and age. What's the point I'm making here? Police brutality, it's still a thing. Racism, it's still a thing and they work hand in hand. As we all came together to observe and honour the tragic death of George Floyd at the hand of an unlawful "upholder of the law," we realize we are still plagued with the terrors of bigotry in high positions of power. Racist behaviour is a form of police brutality. Funnily enough, the gentleman who told me this story is a white man, this story applied to him. The reality of the situation is, unlawful officers have targeted the black community heavily and in general have a history of utilizing excessive force unnecessarily to harm civilians of all race historically. Which poses the question, "is it JUST racism a lone?" What if upholders of the law haven't been instilled properly in our system for a very long time and we haven't properly assessed the situation. History supports that. As a young white man of mixed race, I have experienced the unlawful behaviour of cops regularly. Asking me whether I stole something because I was jogging home, if I was looking to loot a house because I was just taking a walk around my block, or whether I was high on drugs with no evidence other than to check my clean record. We need to apply more pressure on the government to ensure that racist bigots are not granted the opportunity to wear that badge and have no place in our justice system. I am convinced this decision will allow everyone in the black community and all of us to live more at ease once and for all in unity, because we won't have more racist candidates being inducted into system. Let's make sure truly moral individuals who honour humanity are placed into that uniform. More police officers who treat civilians as human beings, while upholding the law. I declare polygraph testing be mandatory for all officers prior to employment and more strict background checks be issued. This is just the beginning. Thank you. #makeitmandatory