Make the penalty more severe for human trafficking and raise awareness in the white House!

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One of the most horrendous crimes against all humanity is human trafficking. According to statistics only 1 percent of human trafficking victims are ever rescued. I am haunted by this fact and long to find people in bondage to save who are waiting. It's time we the people stand up against this horrific sin. As I watched the primary's and presidential debates, the one thing that no politician or candidate ever mentioned or talked about was human trafficking. This not only affects our children and America, but the world abroad! Stand with me as I call out Washington, politician's, & the President to simply, do more! I have always had a vision to not just work for the man as I have been highly unfulfilled in day jobs, but to help people who have there freedom ripped from them! Please do sign this petition, and give whatever time and resources you have to help! Thank you! You can help fund this here, thank you so much in advance!