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Make Skrilla the Official US National Anthem

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Lets face it, things change. Since Star Spangled Banner became the national anthem in 1931, a lot has changed. For example, man has walked the moon, and then later on played golf on it. The great USA has spread its arms and become a more modern, vibrant, and cultural place, a nation which has proved its superiority on the world stage.

However, not everything has changed. One outdated piece of America which hasn't changed, unfortunatley, is its national anthem. Star Spangled Banner. It comes from a time of racism, sexism, oppression and depression. It needs to go. 

And luckily I offer a perfect alternative, in the name of 'Skrilla' by Kodak Black. This anthem worthy melody has been proven to not lose its brilliance after countless listens on repeat, by myself and my peers. It is the future of the USA and represents its diversity with a wide range of poetic lyrics and perfectly crafted song structure. To put it bluntly, it puts Star Spangled Banner to shame.

Be apart of the USA's bright future. Be apart of the change that this great nation needs.

The national anthem to be :

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