Lower Concealed Carry age to 18

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We can fight and die for our country at the age of 18, but we can't concealed carry a handgun to protect ourselves until we are 21? Please tell me how that makes sense. As Rep. Stephen Owens said, "We are training people for self-defense" (apnews). According to The Wichita Eagle, this is about having protection when the unexpected happens. Just because you are not 21 does not mean somebody won't try to attack you, and you want to be able to defend yourself when it happens. According to Rainn.org, 433,648 Americans aged 12 and older were sexually assaulted or raped. Every 73 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted with 54% of those being ages 18-34 (Rainn). Do you want to be one of those too or be able to fight back? We should not have to wait until we are 21 to defend ourselves and fight for our 2nd Amendment right when we are considered citizens at the age of 18. Please sign and share this petition to fight for your right and the rights of many others. Do not give up on being able to defend yourself. Thank you.