Let's Make A Deal: Earn Gun Owners' Votes!

Let's Make A Deal: Earn Gun Owners' Votes!

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TL;DR: We feel like you used gun owners, and will not vote for you in 2020 without some serious change outlined below.

Petition by fans of Liberty Redoubt. Please follow us on Twitter for updates.

The right to keep and bear arms (RTKBA) is important to many Americans, both inside and outside of the Republican Party. You've claimed on a number of occasions to strongly support RTKBA, saying things like "The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end." early in your presidency. Most recently, you said in your State of the Union address that you'd "always protect your Second Amendment rights."

The problem is that your actions do not always match these brave words. Your administration has taken anti-gun positions in lawsuits. You defend things like the National Firearms Act and Gun Control Act. You fight against court cases that would allow full gun rights for 18-20 year olds. You even did something President Obama didn't have the stones to do--you exceeded the executive authority entrusted to your office by the Constitution to reinterpret the law and ban bump stocks.

Even your words often waver on our rights. You've stated support for the blatantly unconstitutional "Red Flag" laws ("take the guns early"). You've said, both before and after your election, that you support "assault weapons" bans. You've also spoken against people building their own guns, and want "universal background checks"--basically de facto registration.

Perhaps worst, you've stood by and done nothing while states like Virginia have pushed to deny Americans their rights. You quipped that the people in those states should have voted for Republicans, when you know that demographic changes in urban centers were responsible for Democrats winning elections, while many affected people in the rural areas are in fact staunch supporters of your presidency.

Because of all this, many of us aren't sure whether you deserve our vote in 2020. You've broken your promise to us, and you've taken gun owners for granted. While most of us can't vote for the Democratic candidate, we can choose to vote for third parties or stay home in November. To earn our votes a second time (or for some of us, the first time), you're going to have to deliver more than words.

We, the undersigned, will not vote for you in 2020 unless you do the following:

  • Your administration must stop defending federal gun laws when challenged in court.
  • You must rescind (or immediately start the process of rescinding) the bump stock ban.
  • You must clearly and unequivocally take a strong written and signed position against "assault weapons" bans, magazine limits, "Red Flag" laws, universal background checks, and any other expansions of gun control, and promise to never change your positions on these.
  • You must commit to not sign any bills into law containing provisions that violate our right to keep and bear arms in any way.
  • You must commit to sign into law any bill that lessens gun control or expands the right to keep and bear arms toward respecting the Second Amendment.
  • You must cut federal disaster funds to states (like Virginia, recently) that unlawfully misuse disaster declarations to impair RTKBA (see Public Law 109-295).
  • You must direct the Department of Justice to prosecute state and federal officials (including legislators) who unconstitutionally deprive citizens of gun rights under color of law (see 18 USC 242).

If you can do these things, we promise to vote for you in November. Please respond to this petition and take the above actions as soon as possible.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!