Lebanon’s Rights And Justice

Lebanon’s Rights And Justice

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Elena Hanna & Teresa Hanna started this petition to Donald J. Trump (President) and

What does it mean to be a Lebanese citizen? 

It means being a strong, self-aware, intelligent, perseverant, strong-minded and confident individual who is proud of his nationality. It also symbolizes a person, no matter the gender and no matter this person’s age, who lived so much or is living so much such as poverty, wars, hatred, loss, government corruption, economic crisis, health crisis and now the biggest and strongest explosion on its country and ever seen.                  

We say that the site, Wikipedia, can’t be fully trusted, well, one of the few things they are right about is that the lebanese government failed to provide basic services such as electricity, water and sanitation. I repeat basic services that we have in many countries such as Canada, the USA, Italy, Germany and so many others. Those countries have a vast territory and a huge number of citizens, on the opposite side, Lebanon is a tiny country. Isn’t easier to dedicate time and basic ressources to a small country then for a big one? If governments of vast countries with a huge populations can do it why can’t a government of a small country can’t ? Where is is the logic in that? Well, there isn’t because the Lebanese fortune has been stolen by some greedy politicians. They are the ones who lost their reputation, title, name and country’s trust. They had their country’s trust and their hard work’s salary in hand. 

They lost their honour and privilege to be called a member of the Lebanese community. 

 Lebanese people never lose hope, but they are desperate for help and compassion to rebuild their home country and lives and for that they need a good, organized and non-corrupted government where the deputies and the ministers are chosen, elected from various educated, disciplined, honest and loving citizens of the Lebanese Republic and not a politician who elects his son to take his position. 

Nothing will help until the government matter will be settled with the help of the many countries that surrounds Lebanon and would like to give a good samaritan hand to this beautiful country in need. 


It needs food where the expiration date hasn’t exceeded one year or more. The economic crisis has managed to let starvation invade some Lebanese families and some food industries. The Lebanese people is starving for good quality food that is still good to eat for another week or month, not expired food. They need honest food industries.


After living more wars and challenges that most countries did, many countries didn’t see that the country is screaming for help. For these countries, it wasn’t a scream, but a whisper for help because it’s a tiny country where it’s easy to look away and give up hope for them. That’s the ugly truth of humanity. Lebanese don’t need pity, they need friends who they can trust and receive help from. On our planet, today, many countries have corrupted government, industries,  businesses and much more. Other countries are still quiet, but we’re not anymore. Let Lebanon and its Lebanese citizens be an example of revolution to set things right for many good causes. It might take some time, but they’re doing everything in their power to give a better future for the generations to come. They’re being proactive for their children’s future and their country’s. 

Their not victims, their survivors.

The Lebanese community is an inspiration to other countries and citizens to stand up for their rights and to be heard. To not stay silent because of fear or intimidation or power, but to have strength and stand together. We’re all in this together and that is true power.

There’s families, children and futures on the line. There’s a beautiful country, once named «The Middle-East’s Switzerland», for its beauty and nature like no other, on the line. It’s a breathtaking place, not a war zone. A war zone is what every country that opposes and that is jealous of Lebanon for its abundance of resources, for its rich and fertile lands, for its oil and minerals, wants you to thinks . Some countries that were in war or are still in war and oppose Lebanon wants to show that they care for the Lebanese people when they just want our lands and resources to gain more power and they want to look like the good guys in people’s eyes. It’s what we call manipulation. Don’t let them manipulate you. «You can’t judge a book by its cover. » Still, the more help the better, but remember forgiving actions and words can be easy, but forgetting is another story.

 We thought that 2020 will be an unforgettable year. Well, you were right while dealing with corona, it will certainly won’t be one easier job for the Lebanese community. 

Be part of the reason why the Lebanese community are being heard and why others listen. 

This petition is a voice for Lebanon and all who wants to help rebuild this amazing and deserving country. This voice is targeted to all countries’ representatives such as Presidents, ambassadors, politicians, ministers, deputies and citizens. Creating jobs, helping businesses, giving financial aids to families, helping and verifying food industries, helping with the elections or helping on organizing an election to have a new, honest and trustworthy government with more women in it would be giving help and more hope to the Lebanese Republic.

The help that Lebanon is receiving from other countries should have been received way before the explosion. We are thankful for the help we are receiving, but the help that this country has been asking for years came late. The help we’re receiving now shows that you were capable and had the ability to do it way before the devastating explosions. That is why people should react fast when a country is in need of help politically, socially and economically because you don’t know when it could become worse. Ignoring is not caring, so stop ignoring.


All help is appreciated. Thank you.  
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