Justice for America’s Wounded Warriors #fight4heroes

Justice for America’s Wounded Warriors #fight4heroes

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When members of our military are too sick or too injured to continue fighting, they must go through the military’s medical separation process (known as IDES). In its current state, there is a dangerous gap in the system due to pockets of unchecked power.

This means the individuals in charge at the Defense Health Agency (DHA) can make isolated, subjective decisions with little to no accountability. These decisions directly affect the Wounded Warrior’s career, livelihood, disability rating, future retirement benefits, healthcare, and more. Servicemembers are being fast-tracked through the process without receiving the proper time to recover and seek treatment. 


Major (Ret.) William Ostan and his family experienced this problem first hand. After several years of debilitating symptoms, Will was finally diagnosed in January of 2018 with a rare disease triggered by exposure to environmental toxins in Afghanistan. 

At that point, he should have received up to a year to recover and seek medical care, as outlined in the regulations.  Instead, he was improperly enrolled in IDES by a DHA bureaucrat with no accountability… and so began his unjust journey in the medical separation process.

Major (Ret.) Ostan and his family encountered everything you can think of along the way including DHA failures of leadership, abuses of power, partial/ignored diagnoses, bullying tactics, retaliatory measures, manipulations of fact, improperly denied appeals, and a farcical investigation. 

Please hear me when I say, Will and his wife Jennifer are not bitter or disgruntled – they have always been proud to serve - this experience simply strengthened their resolve to advocate for those that would come after them.

They founded Arc of Justice (AOJ), a 501(c)(3) to advocate for America’s Wounded Warriors. This petition is a major step in exposing the problem and providing a solution.

AOJ has made significant inroads with Members of Congress in both the House and Senate to collaborate on H.R. 6466 and a stand-alone Wounded Warriors Bill of Rights.

Stand with America's Wounded Warriors. Become a catalyst for change. Join our #fight4heroes campaign by adding your signature to the Wounded Warrior Bill of Rights petition. 

For more ways to get involved, please visit www.arcofjusticeusa.org