I Can’t Breathe!!!

I Can’t Breathe!!!

May 26, 2020
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President Donald J. Trump
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Started by Kathy LaFleur

We have seen enough of African Americans being killed by policeman, or people who use unnecessary and unauthorized authority against the black race. 
We are not animals, we are human beings who deserve to be treated fairly.

We don’t want to wait until another Black Man or Black Woman dies at the hands of officers who are supposed to be trained to apprehend any suspect without excessive force.

The officers who stand by and watch and do nothing about it is just as guilty. The murder today of George Floyd was the last draw. We will not stand by chanting, “Black Lives Matter”, only for them not to really matter to this unjust nation. 
We will not take a knee or March-

We cannot stand around and watch these officers of the law, the ones whose swore to protect and to serve their community, abuse their authority and murder African Americans as their sport. These Should be treated as hate crimes!    
They kill us when we surrender, they kill us when we don’t resist, they kill us when we lift our hands, they kill us when we’re in custody and they kill us when they hear us use our last breath to say........


Enough is Enough! 
The law has to change and we will not be satisfied until it does. It’s no longer enough to just fire them, we need you to hold them responsible, And to stop them from murdering US all because they have a badge.
Their actions and the lack of accountability has taught people in the community that it’s okay to call the police on Black while Barbecuing, to Block the way of Black Delivery drivers who they assumed mistakenly turned into the “wrong neighborhood “  They let others kill us in communities! Kill us for jogging. Kill us for selling cd’s kill us for being US!
We are a human race too, and we will not stop until we have Justice for US! 
I am writing  for change today! My heart cries out for justice and for laws to be changed that will protect us, like it protects everyone else. 
I am my Brothers and Sisters Keeper.

We demand A Change!   
Reverend Kathy LaFleur


Support now
Signatures: 13,511Next Goal: 15,000
Support now

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