Jewar Mohammed need to be stopped before the happening of human catastrophe in Ethiopia:-

Jewar Mohammed need to be stopped before the happening of human catastrophe in Ethiopia:-

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Jewar Mohammed need to be stopped before the happening of human catastrophe in Ethiopia:- What the international community should know about Jewar?
Jewar Mohammed instigated ethnic conflict, religious conflict and ; encourages evicting others.

He encourages lawlessness, he encourages youngsters to confiscate peaceful citizens houses, properties and lands; by instructing them that Addiss Ababa and the near by of Addis belongs only to one ethnic group.

He is terrifying the Addis Ababa and near by dwellers by stating that the land and houses that they built does not belong to them. He declares psychological  war on peaceful citizen of Addis Abeba and Shewa people.

Jewar fabricated a false story to terrify Ethiopians that they are immigrant who has no right on their own fore fathers’ land. The free people of Ethiopia are now being tortured by Jewar Mohammed's hate speech and baseless propaganda.

Jewar has successfully divided the Ethiopian community into two groups; the Oromo and none-Oromos. This division aims to instigate conflict among the pure and innocent Ethiopians.

All Ethiopians who have lived together for centuries together with an amazing unification and intermigration are now divided by Jewar false story. Especially, the youngsters who are very innocent and who trusted Jewar; as their leader; are led in a deliberately  twisted move to make them a victim of Jewar’s agenda.

The fate of Ethiopians is interwoven, correlated and synchronized for thousands years. Even, separating Ethiopian communities inline of ethnic bloodline is very difficult. However, with a deliberate hate speech, fake stories, and false difference; youngsters can be easily twisted to wrong direction.

For the surprise of Ethiopians and the world; Jewar Mohammed has declared that none-Oromo Ethiopians in Addis Ababa and Shewa are immigrants; and hence should leave their land and houses.

Jewar has calculated genocide to happen in Ethiopia; since he is encouraging the youngsters to confront the Addis Ababa and surrounding none-Oromo dwellers. Jewar informed for youngsters that Addis Ababa expansion is the cause of the youngsters and the farmers poverty.

However, as the whole world proves that the expansion of cities is the source of wealth and prosperity for  farmers who own lands; provided that the expansion is managed legally, environmentally and socially; to benefits the farmers who own lands. So the problem is the management of the expansion process which is directly linked with governance issue.   

Jewar mobilizes youths through hate speech. In the below video Jewar Mohammed is preaching the youngsters that Condominium houses and normal houses built in Addis and near by  areas must belong to the Oromos; as other none-Oromo Ethiopians do not have right to have wealth and properties  in Addis Ababa and near by areas.

The philosophy of Jewar is that other none-Oromo Ethiopians are immigrant to Addis Ababa and Shewa. However,  his philosophy is very primitive, inhuman and above all based on false fabricated stories. The truth is that every part of Ethiopia belongs for all Ethiopians for centuries and centuries; without any discrimination.

Ten thousands of none-Oromo Ethiopian's houses have been demolished in the surroundings of Addis Ababa, by the Oromia government in collaboration with Jewar's plan to wipe out none-Oromo citizens of Ethiopia form the heart of the capital of the nation, Addis Ababa and nearby areas. After the demolishment of their houses, the citizens are now without any shelter and support. 

Jewar instructed the Addis Ababa city administration not to distribute condominium houses for none-Oromo Ethiopians. These citizens are immigrants for Addis Ababa and nearby areas; as Jewar declared.

Jewar considered himself as a law and ignores all national and international laws. He declared the border of Addis Ababa and Oromia region should be re-demarcated; as if he himself is the law maker, the executive and the law interpreter.

Jewar warned that if the demarcation does not happen; he will mobilize the youngsters to execute himself. The international community, should imagine what will happen when Jewar tries to execute the re bordering of Addis Ababa and Oromia; by his own lawless approach. There will be wider conflict among communities and disasters may happen. Even to the worst, genocide may follow.

The concept of rule of law, democracy, human right and moral issues are not known under the eyes of Jewar.

For some unknown reason, the government of Abiy is not willing to stop the dangerous move of Jewar.

The over all calculation of Jewar seems to eradicate Christianity from Ethiopia; and this claim is supported by his own words.In his own words; Jewar Mohammed has instructed that the heads of Christians must be chopped down by 'Gejera', a dangerous tool to kill people; inhumanly.

Let the world knows that Jewar is the real hate preacher who instigates conflict among Ethiopians; especially towards Christians.

International community must stop Jewar before genocide and human catastrophe happen in Ethiopia.

Let God Jesus Christ bless Ethiopian !

Let the world be peace; and let all human kinds prosper together !

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!