Increase time on Statute of limitations concerning medical malpractice cases

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A very important friend of mine was recently entitled to a large settlement for a doctor malpractice suit which caused him to be disabled. He was told, after months and months of agonizing pain, suffering and loss that there was not enough evidence to support a law suit. Due to the lack of motivation to go forward in a timely manor by insurance company or attorney from Chicago, Il. the Statute of Limitations EXPIRED leaving him with No monetary settlement, No accountability on surgeons behalf, and No compassion from anyone involved. This procedure was to remove a tumor that had formed on his knee from an injury he suffered at the age of 16. It was explained to him, that it would be an out-patient procedure. He was told pre-op that he would need a few weeks of physical therapy and rehab for taking pain meds for such a long period of time, then he would return to work, pain free. When he left AutoZone to have the surgery, he was such a great store manager that he was awarded with League of Legends for promoting sales and invited to an all expenses paid managers convention, in Tennessee for a week. Since his procedure, he has been unable to walk without crutches, stand for any length of time, or drive, making it impossible for him to return to his job as the Store Manager. He was forced to survive on disability that he paid into while employed with AutoZone for years. Will is a remarkable person. He has worked so hard and came so far, for his age. His option for pain reduction and a somewhat normal life is amputation. This situation has his family, friends, co-workers and loved ones, torn because we don't know how to help or what to say to make things better. This is my hope. To raise awareness for people like my friend, for insurance companies, and attorneys to work these cases with the same effort that they would if this was their loved one. I find it funny how it took two years to say there wasn't enough evidence, leaving no time to seek out anyone for a second opinion but rather to except this as his new reality. Something needs to be done!!!