Include college students who are claimed as dependents on the Stimulus Bill

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With the adoption of the Stimulus Bill, college students who are working at part or full time jobs but are claimed as dependents under their parents are not receiving any money. Most college students are out of work right now and still need to pay for tuition, rent for housing on college campuses, etc. Because these students are over 17 years of age, parents are not receiving the $500 for their dependents. As many college students were forced to move back home without an income, parents could use the $500 for each dependent in order to help pay for necessities during these financially challenging times. College students are also not receiving the $1,200 that working individuals are receiving. This is unfair to college students as we are one of the poorest demographics, paying for education and trying to manage part-time or full-time jobs while completing our schooling. It is only fair to include college students in the Stimulus Bill.