Impose term limits on congress and the senate

Impose term limits on congress and the senate

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“The average age of Members of the House at the beginning of the 115th Congress was 57.8 years; of Senators, 61.8 years, among the oldest in U.S. history.”


Membership of the 115th Congress: A Profile -



Meanwhile, the median age of the United States citizen remains 38.4, which leaves an entire generational divide between who represents us and what the current population is. (


So In retrospect, we the people have seen the uncooperating effects of the house of congress and the senate for many years, As a result of political careerism amongst other various factors. The last twelve have really stuck out in many American's minds as crucial legislation that needed to be passed has only lead to shut down after shut down. Most recently the inability to pass absolutely critical legislation for the coronavirus relief, in fact, it is a documented fact that Donald J Trump the 45th president of the United States had to provide executive orders to give the American people what relief he could. Make no mistake though this is not a singular partisan issue of which we the American people have come together to bring about a solution either by means of a constitutional convention of states for our constitutional republic or by Congress and the Senate dealing with this directly through article V. This is an issue that supersedes any party lines, any political rhetoric and we the people demand that you who represent us to pass legislation on our behalf to be held to similar limitations as the president of these United States of America.

                We the people in the interest of preserving a more perfect union seek to rectify an oversight from the founding of this country to the present day. The oversight that we wish to correct is the fact that congress and the senate have no term limits and in order for this to be rectified either by congress and the senate which would face this issue directly or be forced by means of a constitutional convention of states. The reason for this petition to call on the government for this direct action or convention is to enact these changes for the following reasons.

1. Congressman and Senators are influenced by other factors outside their main constituent body

                1A. lobbying by special interest groups

                1B. Businesses directly influencing policy

                1C. Having been successful for so long and having created a career that they rely on previous success rather than actively pursuing the best interests of their main constituent body. 

                1C-2. Having served so long that they no longer have any scope of the political atmosphere as it relates to their main constituent body because of a generational gap. (Highlighted at the top of the page)

                1D. Having originally entered into service of the country in good faith, but over time being radicalized in a way that requires a safeguard for the people in terms of setting term limits

These primary factors contributing to the direct break down of Washington so that no legislature will effectively get passed and to rectify this directly, we the people suggest the following amendment. That the members of Congress and the Senate be limited to a total of 12 years of service; furthermore, any member of Congress or the Senate who has served more than 12 years already will not be readily excommunicated from office however, they will not be eligible come next election with a maximum pension of 100,000 dollars year. It is important to note that should a convention or direct action by Congress and the Senate be called to amend the constitution we the American people will not support extra material to be thrown into the mix to be ratified along with this change and in due course will do what is necessary to correct that extra material should it come to pass.



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0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!