Helping employees in the hospitality industry during the Covid-19 pandemic

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People feeding people is one of the great joys of the human race, no culture, religion, ethnicity or race will ever deny the happiness of cooking for you family, friends and community. Across the country, thousands of local restaurant owners and employees are unsure of what the future holds, the gig economy is dependent on in real life interaction and relies on tips to survive. For privately owned restaurants several weeks of closure could prove devastating, I am asking that the government provide a financial hardship package for the thousands of small businesses and workers who could possibly be out of business for several weeks. This includes:

-Emergency Healthcare for workers and their children 

-Emergency unemployment benefits, for employees of restaurants that are forced to close, available immediately to workers that rely on tips to survive 

-Small business bailouts and/or 0% interest loans provided to privately owned restaurants that will cover their losses of lost product and the pay of salaried  employees 

-Income assistance for workers in restaurants that may stay open, in case they are forced to stay home because they are sick or because they cannot provide child care 

15 million Americans work in the hospitality industry, we are the people feeding people, but unfortunately we do not have the option to work from home, the work may stop, but the bills will not, I am asking that you provide the relief that we need. 
Thank you,

Katie Pollins

Restaurant worker, USA