President Trump, Pardon a Navy Seal who was wrongfully convicted by a corrupt UCMJ

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Mr. President, we are honored to present this petition to pardon SO1 Aaron Howard and we would greatly admire your intervention and steadfast leadership in saving not only his career but his family and future. Mr. President, you have the authority and discretion as President of the United States of America, to take this action when warranted. It is for this reason that we wanted to bring your attention to the military justice system and how it has neglected our nation's warriors time and time again. SO1 Aaron Howard was convicted on February 6th, 2020. He was reduced in rank to E5, forfeiture of $500 a month for three months, and sentenced to thirty days imprisonment. During his trial, there was zero evidence presented that indicated he was guilty. NCIS agents stated, "They did not have probable cause to obtain warrants for his home, his electronic devices, or his phone records." Even indicating such efforts would be considered "a fishing expedition." A proper investigation would have cleared him. SO1 Aaron Howard has been unfairly treated by the military justice system.

The UCMJ is not a system that demands accountability, but rather it encourages and rewards prosecutorial misconduct. Before his trial even started, SO1 Howard's case was flooded with UCI and pre-trial punishment. This Mr. President continued through his entire case and trial. From the judge, the prosecutors and commanders, they denied him access to witnesses, withholding exculpatory evidence, and the prosecutor talking to jury members during the trial. Unethical leaders, commanders, and the entire UCMJ continue and will keep continuing to tilt the scales of justice in favor of the prosecution in cases. Mr. President, you are the only one who can step in as demonstrated before, to help save a hero who was wrongfully convicted by a tarnished justice system.

Over those past 16 years, SO1 Aaron Howard has endured numerous combat operations, accumulated severe health issues, and injuries that he will need medical care for the rest of his life. His current commanders are currently trying to administratively separate him from the military with a punitive discharge to take away all VA benefits. He has fought with valor, honor, courage, and commitment. We have heard stories about him and have seen for ourselves. He truly has earned his trident every day. Unfortunately, based on reasons outlined in this petition, We believe your attention Mr. President Trump is necessary and would like to see a hero be pardoned. We need you, Mr. President, to step in because the military has done a disservice to SO1 Aaron Howard not just as a warfighter, but as a humble family man and he was not awarded a proper and fair trial. We believe that he deserves every consideration for a pardon due to the circumstances of the incident. Thank you for your consideration, Mr. President, on this issue.