Hearing Aids should be covered by all insurance companies

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The world health organization suggests that 5% of the world population or 464 million people have dibiliatating hearing loss. It is said that as high as 20% of Americans have some degree of hearing loss.

In  a country with a percentage that high less than half the states require insurance to help cover the cost hearing aids. Insurance companies consider this an elective. Hearing loss is an insurable risk and companies aren't willing to loose money.

Hearing loss is a large problem that plagues young and old citizens alike in our country but still is not a widespread spoken topic. While depression, types of cancer and other disorders and diagnoses have lobbiest to make their cause heard in congress, be very few are advocating on behalf of hearing loss.

In today's economy a hearing aid can range in price from  $1500 to $3500 a piece. For many that need an aid for each ear that could be as much $7000. Many unfortunately simply can't afford that kind of price tag for item that could greatly increase quality of life.

It is difficult for a person to navigate a world of sound only hearing a small percentage of it. There is absolutely no reason why a country with 48 million people having problems with hearing loss shouldn't require more insurance companies to at least partially cover the cost of hearing aids.