Grant Clemency to Michael Avila for Non-Violent Drug conviction

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Ten years ago my husband Michael Avila was sentenced to 240 months for a non violent drug offense. Due to his one prior conviction for a possession of marijuana, his sentence was increased from 120 months to 240 months. 120 months into his sentence he's received his GED and completed over 50 programs which include him tutoring and facilitating classes for inmates preparing them for society.

The purpose of federal correctional institution is to correct a behavior someone has displayed. When legislatures created drug laws it wasn't to be interpreted by our judicial system to lock the door and throw away the key, it was to rehabilitate inmates so that when released they can become a productive citizen.

Michael understands that there are consequences for bad decisions he's made and he also understands that justice is the equality of being fair and reasonable. On December 21, 2018, congress enacted the first step act which reduces mandatory minimum for drug offenses. Had Michael been sentenced today he would be looking at 15 years instead of 20.

We're grateful that our government has finally recognized the unfairness in our system, but even with the new law passed, Michael can't receive any benefit from it because it doesn't apply retroactively (meaning if you're not sentence after the bill was passed it doesn't apply to you). My family is hoping that we receive help from everyone we can to help get my husband home.

His record shows he's a changed man. Is it fair for him to sit another ten years for a non-violent drug offense when he's clearly GROWN, CHANGED, AND MATURED through situation? Support my family and sign this petition. Thanks for your help.