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Let me tell you my story.

I was 7 years old when my mother went to prison on 2 counts of Vehicular Manslaughter. My mother was in a car accident which involved her Red Expedition colliding with a black vehicle at a light in Hialeah, killing 2 teenagers by the ages of 16 and 17 at approximately 3am in the morning. My mother was not intoxicated or under any influence at all and the light which was said to be a red light, turned out to be a blinking yellow light. My mother traumatized by the accident and by the deaths would repeat over and over again I remember, “But I didn’t see a Red Light!”. I was too young to really comprehend why she would say that and everyone attempted to keep my 1 year old sister and I in the dark about the situation for the simple reason, “they are too young to understand”. My sister of course was too young, but I could see the truth. I remember reporters climbing the backyard fence at my grandparents’ house just to catch a glimpse of my family suffering. The case grew popular and we received so much hatred from society. My mother was sober driving with my sister in the backseat and the teenagers were returning from a party but were never checked for intoxicating substances. I am not writing this to disrespect any of the family members involved but to simply tell my story. My mother was sentenced to 2 vehicular manslaughter charges running consecutively which equal out to 30 years in prison. My father at the time was doing time in prison for other unrelated events and was out of the picture. My grandparents took us in and raised my sister and I the best they could. They gave us everything to try and help us live a normal life while taking us to visit my mother every holiday, every birthday, every special event we would celebrate it behind prison bars and under supervision of Correction officers which would constantly tell us to limit our hugs or kisses which we all needed as kids. My sister never experienced my mother outside the prison but my grandmother did the best she could to fill in that gap. The other day I was going through pictures with my grandparents and all I see are pictures of my mother wearing that same Blue Correctional uniform and us kids growing over the years. My mother is 5 feet tall so it didn’t take long for me to surpass her in height but my sister has yet to pass her at 21 years old now.  Going back to my story, my grandparents continued to take care of my sister and I and would take us to and from school and tried the best they can to help us succeed normal lives. They have suffered so much and were the front line of all the chaos and I look up to them for their strength and bravery. Til this day I still can’t believe the amount of pain they have suffered having their daughter taking away from them and tossed into a prison. Nonetheless they continued fighting.

   Over the years, I wasn’t the best kid growing up and caused a lot of problems growing up, especially the teenage rebel years where it was constant fighting and back lashing but they never gave up on me. Coming from a broken family, the rest of our family and friends saw us as the black sheep of the family. They wouldn’t allow their kids near us and we weren’t invited to some family parties because they believed we would have a negative impacts on their kids.
         I graduated high school and eventually enlisted in the military and became a United States Marine. I wanted to prove everyone that I wasn’t the broken kid growing up and that I could achieve everything I set my mind to. I wanted to change my life and I wanted to put myself in a better situation to be able to support my mother and grandparents which gave me everything they had. My mother wrote to me EVERY single day while I was at boot camp and even when my mind was at the brink of losing it, her words would always push me through to continue fighting. I graduated boot camp and with the help of my father who popped into the picture to help bring my grandparents to graduation, they were able to surprise me on family day. I remember telling myself, “It’s going to suck to see everyone with their families, hugging and crying tomorrow, can I skip family day?” The day prior, not knowing they were on their way. My mother requested a phone call to congratulate me but was turned down at the time by the Officers. My first day back, I went to every single visit to tell her about all my experiences and how much her letters meant to me. I still have those letters and at times read them as a reminder that my mother although she is far away, she has my back. I served 5 years in the Marine Corps where I was able to attain the rank of Sergeant and with the help of the military, I was able to help financially pay for my mother’s essentials and lawyer bills while also helping my grandparents as much as I could from my duty station, all the way in hawaii. I was a whole 14 hour flight away and a 6 hour time difference but we made it work.          My sister struggled a bit after graduating high school and I dragged her to live with me and start fresh in Hawaii. She landed and quickly began to work and grow under my wing at first and now thriving on her own again, still I’m Hawaii with her newly wed Marine husband now. I left Hawaii and decided to get out of the Marine Corps because after my grandfather had a close call and underwent emergency heart surgery to save him, I knew they could no longer handle the stress of it all and needed my help. I didn’t want to watch my grandparents slowly drain away while I could only do so much from so far away. I returned and was able to get back on my feet with a job and start school with the help of a friend who is like a brother to me, Ramon. I can not thank him enough for helping me get back on my feet and help me try and get the word of my mother’s case seen by others. I am back now with hopes of bringing my mother home. My mother’s 30 year sentence isn’t justice.

Like I said before, I was 7 years old and my sister was 1 when we lost our mother to a car ACCIDENT. She never intended to hurt anyone and has lived almost her entire youth in prison. My mother has been in for 20 years now and I can not begin to count the events she has missed out on. I am 27 now and my sister is 21. From school graduations, to family births, to my own Marine Corps graduation and my sisters high school graduation and even marriage. My mother has never been able to experience the growth of her own kids. I just want my grandmother and grandfather to have their daughter back. I have never asked anyone for money or asked anyone for help, I have always been too stubborn and did my best to support them myself but I’m caving in pretty bad.

I write this with tears in my eyes.

Please help me bring my mother home and share this.

My mother is Yileymi Suarez.