Free Tyree Jackson . Deserve a second chance

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Good morning. I would like to take the time out to speak on the behalf of a loving Fiancé and devoted Father Tyree Cornell Jackson . He is currently serving a 60 months sentence in federal prison for a drug charge . Tyree knows he has made some mistake in his  life  Having a troubling past , having many tragedies at such a young age , which made him feel like he need to take care of his loved one . By the age of 18 his Mother grew gravely ill of a autoimmune system also his girlfriend died of a freak accident . This by no means are excuses for him but to help better understand why he got stuck into the drug life. He tried getting out so many times. But because of his background it was hard to do so . Before Tyree caught his federal case, we sat down and planned an exit . To leave that life forever . We planned to start my dream and open up a Home Health Staffing Agency, and he would assist me In running my business . Due to him catching his case he wasn’t able to help me start my dreams . So while he was incarcerated I started my dreams alone , with his push I’m now a Owner of a profitable Staffing Agency . I assure if you were to  have mercy on Tyree he would make a great partner and be a great attribute to my Company and society. I’m asking please consider clemency on Tyree as I know this almost 2 years he has serve has changed him in more  ways than one . Thank you for your time .