President Trump Fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller

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Fellow American citizens Our beloved Republic is being threatened by seen and unseen forces that hate America and all Americans. There are unelected and dangerous conspiratorial forces at work seeking to bring about the destruction of the United States by using illegal and unconstitutional methods to bring down our leader President Donald J. Trump the rightful and proper 45th elected chief executive of our nation. Deep State forces and Globalists some Democrat and some Republican are determined to stage a soft coup against our President under the guise of and color of law through the illegal harassment of countless American citizens. Any American that has a positive or objective view of Donald Trump is at risk of being persecuted by a vast array of 21st-century surveillance and intimidation that violates the spirit and letter of our Bill of Rights, Constitution, and all civil liberties laws and regulations both state and federal. An example of a righteous and courageous patriotic American who has devoted his life to his nation and protecting her from her enemies foreign and domestic is Dr. Jerome Corsi who  was on Wednesday, December 3, 2018, denied the chance to defend himself in a court of law from the intrusive and Soviet-styled harassment of the Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Dr. Corsi and countless other persons that have been persecuted and illegally surveilled by the Department of Justice and others in violation of the laws they have sworn to uphold have an agenda to destroy the Trump Presidency by conducting a relentless witch hunt and inquisition until they bring down the 45th president. There never was any collusion with Russia nor has any evidence been found that our President is under the control of any foreign leader. Special Prosecutor Mueller must be fired and his biased, illegal, unwarranted, undemocratic, corrupt and anti-American investigation must be terminated herewith. I do, hereby, call on my President to save America, his presidency, his family, his friends,  the Constitution, the rule of law, and fire Robert Mueller immediately.  Scores of millions of Americans of every creed, color, and demographic group stand with you. We will not allow Fake News and the Deep State deceive us into supporting any of their schemes to rob you of your office. We want borders, we love the unborn, we love God and our country and its elected leader. We want the harassment of President Trump ended and Mr. President please fire Mueller, and remember your vow to rebuild America. We support you fully,  and we know that your patience with the criminal investigation of Robert Mueller has long been depleted. You need to know that most Americans share your disdain of Mueller's sinister conspiracy to ruin your presidency. As one voice we encourage you to stand up to the Deep State by quashing their villainous agent Robert Mueller. The beginning of MAGA starts the moment Mueller is escorted out of the Department of Justice by armed security.  May God Bless you and your Presidency and God Bless America with a Department of Justice cleansed of the wicked machinations of Robert Mueller.