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We Will Start with the Speaker of the House.... Nancy Pelosi.... She needs to be IMPEACHED, FIRED, REMOVED FROM OFFICE!!! She is out of Control & Needs to be Stopped. 

She almost daily or should I say hourly proves herself as a Traitor and one who does not and don't have the best interests of the American People in mind. All She and her crew (including the freshmen congresswomen)(especially) and lets not forget "Uncle Chuck-ie Schumer" all they are interested in is.... Hating on the president, working against him, and working to destroy him. Pelosi and Schumer and all of these senators and congress men and women were NOT Elected or "Hired" to fulfill their own needs, wants, and desires and their own bottom line etc. They were put into office. Speaker Pelosi among others was elected to work for their constituents and the American people. 


She has accomplished NOTHING.... Nothing productive! Nothing but Sheer Hatred. 

All she has led and accomplished is a obsessive, incessant hate campaign, witch hunt and her "Biggest accomplishment" NOT!!!! is the Impeachment Sharade and circus to attempt to impeach the president. Yet she has so far has not turned her "Articles" over to the senate for a trial. But, has gone on record saying she won't give the "evidence" to the senate till as she says "She can ensure a fair trial for the democrats!" Which fair trial is she wanting ? The same one she gave President trump? what she really means is that until she can get a gurantee on the end result and the result she wants. She won't do anything further. Talk about Abuse of power and obstruction of justice! that is exactly what is happening because she wants a gurantee and control the outcome. 

SHE NEEDS to be FIRED and impeached and never allowed in public office ever again and after that happens she needs to have all her lifelong and that of her families - lifelong governmental health coverage and free health care to stop as well - Immediately, financially be cut off and more.