End Tyranny In Hollywood... Prevent Agencies From Carrying Life Insurance On Entertainers

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Where there is money, there is a gang.

Call them the Illuminati, the kabal, the deep state or the shadow government, Hollywood and people of influence around the world have long been manipulated, controlled and murdered for profit by this gang. Just like "goombahs" in the mafia, the CIA often carry out surveillance, intimidation tactics and actual "hits" on any entertainer and/or person of influence that is not "behaving" in a way that supports this gang's agenda. The celebrity may remain neutral as long as they are "producing". Money, fame and power are all they worship, the only God they know.

"Pay, Play or Go Away" is this gangs motto and some of the world's most creative minds and dynamic soul's are being and have been manipulated and often murdered for profit. These people of influence are most often murdered when for one reason or another they become a threat to this gang of criminals and OneEyedFools... And c'mon, we already know that when any artist fights for their creative rights/ownership and intellectual property, that individual winds up dead, almost always under suspicious circumstances.   Unless Ur JayZ.... hmmmmm

These entertainers and social celebrities make their agents and representatives a lot of money... as long as they are working.

A celebrity's value is based on their earning potential and so is the amount of the life insurance policy held on them.

YES, I said Life Insurance Policy... Since the inception of Hollywood and show biz, these agents and representatives like Sony, Warner, ICM, WME, CAA and others have historically been allowed as standard business practice to keep LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES on these celebrities!!!

This is an OUTRAGES OFFENSE to the individual's freedom as an artist and a direct and dangerous conflict of interest that almost ALWAYS MEANS THE INDIVIDUAL NAMED IN THE POLICY IS NOW WORTH MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE! 

Warner Records made more money off dead Prince than Prince ever made 4 Himself.

These representatives and agencies are already allowed to own the artists intellectual property/art...that in itself is already a direct offense against an individual's inalienable rights... ART CANNOT BE OWNED BY ANYONE BUT THE ARTIST. (God said so... and SO IT IS.)

In addition to being allowed to "STEAL" an artist's or celebrity's art/work, these representatives and agencies/agents are also allowed to hold multi million dollar life insurance policies on the artist or celebrity. This makes the individual vulnerable and easily manipulated. The entertainers that take a stand or fight 4 artistic freedom and ownership become worth more dead than alive... and dead they become.


Let's take the first step toward passing legislation that would dis-allow agencies and representatives to keep life insurance policies on these individuals.


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