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This is a petition to end Daylight Savings Time in North America because it's useless in today's day and age and it has many side effects that are harmful to health if we work together and hopefully get many signatures we could possibly end daylight Savings time. These are some of its health effects as addressed by the Health Europa Over time, Daylight Saving Time eliminates bright morning light that critically synchronizes biological clocks, which can be associated with increased risk of heart attack and ischaemic stroke, as well as other negative effects of partial sleep deprivation. Also, Average sleep duration shrinks by 15 to 20 minutes for adults during Daylight Saving Time transitions, which may also increase the risk of fatal accidents. In addition, It’s not one hour twice a year. It’s a misalignment of our biologic clocks for eight months of the year. When we talk about Daylight Saving Time and the relationship to light, we are talking about profound impacts on the biological clock, which is a structure rooted in the brain. It impacts brain functions such as energy levels and alertness. These are some of the effects of Daylight Savings time hopefully we get enough Signatures.