End Affirmative Action - Systemic Institutionalized Racism

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About 60 years ago, on March 6, 1961 when the USA was 88%, white President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10925 for Affirmative Action which legalizes job discrimination based on skin color and race. SBA 8A provides special set-aside contracts for "minority" races (who are nowt the majority in DC). Unless we petition now, Affirmative Action and 8A will never stop, nor ever apply to whites when becoming a minority below 50% and out-voted on everything.  Now is the time for true fairness on an even playing field for all races.  Affirmative Action is systemic, institutionalized racism, providing benefits based on skin color. Affirmative Action insults African Americans by implying that they need a head start to be competitive. Three generations, about 60 years, is enough time for Affirmative Action beneficiaries to catch up, and compete on an equal basis with all races. It is time to start going by the law against discrimination based on skin color.