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Currently in USA there are no federal laws when it comes to marriage & age. In some states children as young as 12 can marry full grown adults with parents consent as long as 1 party is pregnant.  These cases should be rape charges not a license to wed.

In some states like California there is no age requirement at all.  In most States it only takes 1 parent to agree and children extremely young can get married.  This is not only outrageous it is a pedophiles & child traffickers dream come true!

In many cases parents can sell their children & predators can legally own their victims. 

Furthermore a legal loop hole allows very young children to marry adults from other countries as a way to get citizenship.  

These children are not of legal age to consent to sex,  they can not drive,  they can not vote,  they have no legal rights as decision makers,  some can not even be home alone without a babysitter,  yet they can marry FULL grown adults! 

The legal age of marriage must be 18 years old nationwide to not only protect the sanctity of marriage but to protect children from legal rape & traffickers.  While this is typically in the hands of the States it is clear that some States simply do not take this seriously.  The only way to make sure this happens and sticks is a blanket law from the Federal Government. 

There should be absolutely no legal loop holes & no exceptions.  All of this information is very public, please be the one to step up!