Do Not Open Salons/Spas in the U​.​S. It is Not essential!

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There is a petition going around to open salons in several states on April 27th with a "soft opening."

I would like to give a voice to those who feel just the opposite. Many salons serve walk in traffic and a single stylist can do between 20-30 haircuts in one day. There is no amount of sanitation that can keep us safe when we are standing in another person's breathing space for 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on the service. Not only is the stylist not safe, but this is a sure way to spread Coronavirus very quickly which is exactly what is trying to be avoided. It is not safe for stylists/nail techs /massage therapists  or clients to be in the salon or spa at this moment in the pandemic, even if you limit how many people come in at once, and opening salons sends a clear message that this has all been for nothing and there was no point closing anything down to begin with. There are essential frontline workers that have the proper PPE safety gear that are contracting and DYING from this ! How do they think our homemade masks,salon gloves and lysol ( if you are lucky enough to find any) are going to protect us and our clients . The answer is ITS NOT. PLEASE HELP US , PLEASE HEAR US !!

Cosmetologists are absolutely not essential and our businesses should not open until it is deemed safe for most other businesses to open. Please do not put us in harm's way