Demand Netflix to take down the upcoming movie 'Cuties'!

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This movie title 'Cuties' is about 11 year old girls twerking, running away, showing adult things children shouldnt be doing or watching. Netflix needs to take this down. Its being released on September 9th!  This is and has been an issue for so long. Right now in 2020 we are fighting and exposing very dangerous sexual predators, famous and local, and now this too top it off? Why is our children being exposed to this stuff? This will only open eyes for the younger generation and brain wash them. Any parent or guardian should be aware of this movie coming out. We all need to get this off the internet along with many other things! Not only does this movie send horrible messages to children and teenagers, it also shows them its okay to do this cause "theyre all doing and acting that way". What happened to keeping children safe? Why is a national platform like Netflix allowing this to be able to even watch? Its repulsive. No eleven year old needs to know what twerking is. No minor should be able to scroll through Netflix and think its a movie about dancing when its worse! Running away, children acting like GROWN adults. This is a movie about ELEVEN YEAR OLDS!�We need to make America and the World good again and take this off NOW!