Defend the 2nd Amendment as promised!

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Over 120 million Americans are lawful gun owners. Every day, they own and carry their firearms safely and when necessary, use them to defend against criminal attack. These defensive gun uses include the AR-15 rifle, a semi-auto modern sporting rifle that only fires one bullet with each pull of the trigger. It is not a killing machine, it is not a military machine gun (the M-16A3 and M4 rifles are the military's machine guns for individual soldiers). Antigun, anti-liberty Democrats want to undo the Bill of Rights by starting with the 2nd Amendment. Mr. Trump, you promised to protect the 2nd Amendment when you ran for office. At the prompting of the NRA, which has compromised repeatedly and worked to undermine gunowners' rights, you spoke favorably of Bump-stock bans and Red Flag laws, which are the Democrat camel's nose under the tent of the Bill of Rights. Mr. President, you need to walk it back and rescind the Bump stock ban and withdraw support for Red Flag laws. Disregard the promptings of the National Rifle Association; they only speak for about 10% of gun owners. Mr. President, if you need a national gun organization's advice on how to address 2nd Amendment issues, contact Gun Owners of America (GOA) - their website is Gun Owners of America is the no-compromise gun rights group that Democrats truly fear.

If the Democrats can succeed in abolishing the 2nd Amendment, then all other liberties are in jeopardy. Already, Britain has essentially done away with all the fundamental liberties of their people, starting with the Englishman's common-law right to own, carry, and use firearms. Don't let America follow down that dark path!

Support and defend the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, the right that guarantees all other rights!