Declare an official International "Quarantine Day"

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During the international coronavirus pandemic, many people had to stay at home rather than carry out their normal weekly activities. This was difficult for many people, who were unable to work, and could not spend time physically with their loved ones. Thus, I believe that we need a day to honor those who made this sacrifice in order to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

This holiday, unlike many others, will not be celebrated with big parties or any parade or any other form of festivity. Nor will it include gathering together to remember the dead -- or gathering of any kind for that matter. Instead, during this special day, everyone will stay as far away from each other as possible. When social interaction is unavoidable (like when we suddenly need a dozen rolls of toilet paper), we will wear masks and gloves when we go out to the few places deemed essential by local authorities. All of this will help us to remember how hard life was during the long months of worldwide pandemic we had to face. We need to show future generations the difficulty of staying at home and binge-watching Netflix shows.

The idea of this holiday is further outlined in the blog post, Quarantine Day.