We demand National Health Insurance for Americans!

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We want the White House to seriously consider instating a National Health Insurance program as a means of addressing the United States national healthcare crisis. The coronavirus has exposed many existing fatal flaws in our healthcare system, and unless a plan is set in motion more lives will be lost.

NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE: A nonpartisan solution to America’s healthcare problem that is better than what we had, better than what we have, and better than Medicare for all.

It’s good for Democrats, because everyone is covered, it ends bankruptcies caused by medical bills, it controls monopoly drug prices, it reduces insurance premiums, it fights poverty, and by increasing economic growth, it fits President Kennedy‘s idea of a rising tide that lifts all boats.

It’s good for Republicans, because it is not a government takeover of healthcare, it is simply a better insurance company, it avoids the massive disruption of an overnight change, it is good for business, it increases America’s competitiveness in the world economy, it increases economic growth, and it does not add to government spending or taxes.

● We do not need a government takeover of healthcare. We need a better health insurance company.

● You don’t need government to take away your private health insurance. You need an insurance policy with better coverage and lower premiums.

● We can’t fix America’s healthcare problems until we take healthcare out of the hands of corporate insurance companies.

● We can’t leave decisions about life and death, financial destruction, and treatment for treatable illnesses in the hands of CEOs who have publicly stated they are in the business of making profits, not taking care of people’s health.

● We do not support corporate health insurance CEOs who are making twenty to thirty million dollars a year while claiming their company can’t afford to keep a child alive.

● We do not want to put Medicare at risk. We want a government insurance agency that covers everyone not on Medicaid or Medicare.

● By eliminating inefficiency, waste, and fraud, National Health Insurance can cut premiums in half while offering better coverage.

Please sign our petition in order to bring a concrete, nonpartisan solution in front of congress and the white house. America deserves National Health Insurance.