Clemency for Chad Eric Nutsch

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Those in prison have stories to tell. Many bring enlightenment and shed light on current issues. 

Chad’s story is one of those.

Chad Eric Nutsch is currently serving a two-year sentence for selling marijuana. This was an act that he committed between the ages of 19-21. However, it did not take long for him to make amends with the poor decisions he made in his past.

Dedicated to leaving that kind of life behind, he developed self-discipline and accountability, while constantly working on improving himself for growth. He worked hard and eventually established himself as a wholesome young entrepreneur who also mentored alike individuals who needed guidance. 

But his past caught up with him when, in September of this year, he was put in Federal Prison in Butner, North Carolina.

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Today, behind bars, he fights the good fight—against Marijuana prohibition.

Please sign this petition asking clemency for Chad Eric Nutsch. Chad deserves to be a free man. To the people who know him, he is a son, brother, friend, and mentor. He is a reminder that anyone could turn one’s self around through genuine commitment. His story from the streets to business success is an inspiration, one that deserves a victorious ending.