Child Support Matters and COVID-19. Temporary Changes Needed for American Families.

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Re: Endorse State Involvement in Child Support Matters and COVID-19

To: President Donald J. Trump

The emotional, physical, and psychological health of parents and children in the nation is a priority and we appreciate the efforts made to keep everyone safe.  We respectfully request President Trump address the urgent concerns in each State with child support enforcement matters during the COVID-19 emergency.


Many States have issued orders acknowledging changes in hours and provide contact information. Some States are publishing guideline changes for child support payments and temporary orders. Due to the current economic crisis and impact on parents, we are requesting President Trump endorse the request for each State to acknowledge these essential points:


Three endorsements requested from President Trump:

1.    Court Orders:

Parenting plans, Court Orders and exchanges must proceed as ordered. We are requesting President Trump to encourage each State to mandate that both parents comply with all orders issued by the family court system. Each State to establish appropriate penalties for non-compliance.

2.    Child Support:

Child support orders will remain in place. Some parents may be unable to pay child support due to quarantine, self-isolation or layoffs. Temporary modifications for collecting and paying child support are required for the duration of the COVID-19.

3.    Driver’s License Suspension/Bank Levy for Nonpayment of Child Support:

We are requesting each State to halt the automated enforcement actions of orders for a bank levy or driver’s license suspension due to nonpayment of child support. Notably, many parents may be facing economic hardship during the COVID-19 crisis and we want to lessen the burden on parents facing this scenario.  We are urging President Trump to suggest each State halt all new orders for a bank levy, or suspension of a driver’s license, and stop any orders in process following the onset of COVID-19. Guidelines to be determined by each State.


Thank you President Trump, for endorsing the vital issues impacting American families. 

Families United Action Network-FUAN