Chauffeured Professional Limo BlackCar/ Uber Drivers / Owners COVID-19 To President Trump

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The Honorable President
United States of America.
Donald J Trump.

Blackcar Drivers United.

Mr. President,

We the Blackcar Limo Uber Lyft drivers and owners of Chicago on behalf of all BlackCar limo Uber Lyft drivers and owners in the country put forward the following for your consideration sir.

Driving is our basic livelihood and the way we support our community and families to provide Food, Clothing, Education, Housing, Health and other needs.

Our slow season begins in December and extends up to February every year. Enduring these months is a herculean task for every driver and car owner of our driver’s community. We depend on our saving, credit cards, loans and other lending sources to reach to the other end this slow season to support our family’s needs. We are now exhausted of our saving and consumed remaining resources.

Many times, friends and family are surprised to learn the vast encompassing nature of our driver’s community and all it entails, so it is no surprise that the media has given little coverage to our economic devastation that has transgressed on driver’s community. Many don’t realize the vast vital role driver’s community extend and exercise relentlessly behind scenes to bring people, businesses and social community together 24/7/365 an year.

Just about as we were coming to the end of our hard struggle of the slow season, February 2020 has seen an unprecedented number of event cancelations nationwide and around the world. Professional drivers like us in the nation of our industry depend on these events and vice – versa. This virus pandemic is nothing like anything we have faced in our modern economic times. Our business has come to a complete halt with no end of this impasse in sight.

The purpose of this petition is to sound alarm on a massive economic catastrophe that is transpiring on drivers Community in our nation which is ignored by all in elected office.

Currently, millions of drivers depend on this industry nationwide. Chauffeured commuting system is a family supporting system. Huge amounts are borrowed and invested in this industry as vehicles and Limos, Vans and Buses, promoting (limo) companies and offices, staffing and advertisements, peripheral investments and maintenance costs, permit fees and taxes. With work coming to a complete halt millions of lives and families are struggling to survive. Our industry has not received media and governmental attention at any level and suffered irreparable loss.

Many of these small businesses and their owner are in payment plans with banks and courts, chapter 13 bankruptcies missed a payment or will miss it now. Those outside our industry are not aware our industry is comprised significantly hundreds of thousands of small business and millions of workers and private contractors who have already lost most income over the last few months and will not have any income for the next 6 months or more owning to the threat of the virus. These financial losses will never be recovered.

Small businesses who invested on vehicles have paid from their pocket during this slow period from December to February and are now in a situation where they cannot pay their dues. Drivers who lease cars from car owners have returned their cars due to lack of work resulting into car owner having many cars idly parked not yielding any revenue but liable for loan payments.

Many of these drivers who live pay check to pay check are at the brink of missing their rents or mortgage payments and may face adverse actions from their land lords or banks if not rendered homeless.

Our families are facing a long list of economic catastrophes starting from losing earnings, our homes, missing rents, retirements, ability to pay bills, and extreme debt/Chapter 13 / bankruptcy, providing food for our families and paying for much needed health insurance. Some drivers have lost their homes and are sleeping in their cars in parking lots. Most of our families either pay for our insurance ourselves as independent contractors or will be laid off due a complete lack of work in our industry.

Small businesses are facing bankruptcy and have already been forced to lay off staff. Proposed government aid of low interest loans can only help a business slow bankruptcy, but not fund a workforce where no revenue can be generated during this period of time. Our industry is about $337 Billion in 2016 compared to big Companies.

While the consequence is dire for our industry, the economic fallout from our collapse can potentially disrupt the whole commuting system for a long time. All of our families, due to lost income, are now no longer consumers, but survivors. If not addressed quickly and forcefully, the financial ramifications will spread to other sectors of our industry as millions of drivers will focus on survival spending habits.

Over the last 50 years, our nation has relied heavily on professional driver’s community, connecting trade, commerce and community. Everyday millions of business leaders, professionals and experts from every field, walk of life at national and international level depend on the professional driver’s community for commuting.

The next few months are very critical. As we the drivers, faced monumental setbacks in business. These setbacks include but not limited to cancelations of business meetings be it large conventions, tradeshows, trainings, product launches and the list goes on. If the drivers community which is an invisible fabric of our community that builds our economy connecting business and culture, family and community together is not recovered quickly then chauffeured commuting system will collapse facing incalculable loss of valuable system to the nation.

This is an immediate scenario of the crisis at hand. We request for immediate federal, State, county and city action to protect driver’s community from total collapse and save rest of our industry from collateral damage. We need congress and executive branch, federal and state, county and cities to take immediate action within their jurisdiction and help us survive this catastrophe.

We are in need of an economic package and an executive action to support us in order to survive this economic impasse. The package should include, but not be limited to:

o Emergency Medicaid Health insurance - to cover our uninsured business owners     and contractors, laid-off employees and homeless drivers.
o Financial package to sustain this impasse.
o 3-6 months break on car/ business payments by all the loaning financial                    companies.
o No penalties on credit report on the car/business owners.
o 3-6 months break on Home mortgages and rents.
o Evictions suspended and not granted for this period.
o Cities instruct Uber/Lyft pay full fare to drivers without deducting any commission.
o Cities order all out of state cars stop operating locally.
o Cities stop collecting ground and other taxes from car owners for this duration of 3-    6 months.
o Insurance companies work relief with car owner for this period of 3-6 months.

o Keep our Utilities and Phones running for this period of 3-6months.

o Consider BlackCar drivers for Unemployment benefits overriding the current     criteria or adding us as freelance drivers category for this purpose.

We the undersigned plead to you sir and all those elected officials who has jurisdiction on these issues to consider our crisis and help us as we see our drivers plight is totally eclipsed and invisible by rest.

Respectfully Submit,


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