Change the concept of the U​.​S administration towards Lebanon

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Lebanon was known since the beginning of human history, it became the synonime of the great civilisation which started with the creation of our known alphabet by the Phoenician Prince Cadmous at year 4663 BC and was developed around 1050 BC (or after the Bronze Age collapse). Yet, Lebanon was mentioned in the Canaanite scriptures by the father of God's Eil and the old testament and the Holy Bible for more than 153 time. Due to Lebanon's geographic link between Europe, Africa and Asia, twenty continuous civilisation have occupied the land and ever since we waited for The Savior until the election of our actual president Michel Aoun (at year 2016). Well known by his continuous fight for the sovereignty of the country and the fight against corruption especially after his return from the exile at year 2005, the President is facing the gathering of unethical local politicians mainly supported by the U.S administration since 1992. After the election of Mr. Donald Trump as president of the United States of America, we the Lebanese people counted on his new vision to change what was written in the last thirty years, unfortunately, the hope was collapsed due to several factors.