change laws for special needs when it comes to fighting

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This change will not only impact my community. But other communities also. It will not only impact my family. It would also impact families with special needs as well. It will make a change for the special needs and let them have some Justice for be helpless. 

Why do I care about this this being a better enforced law. One of my friends from school was beaten up by 5 kids. All they got was misdemeanor charges. The kid who they beat up has Williams Syndrome and a rare developmental disorder. He was sitting on a park bench while the kids punched him repeatedly. They also had someone recording this happen and laughing in the video. 

I feel for situation a like this there should be better laws Other than misdemeanors. If the person has problems where he or she can’t stand up for  themselves. They should be able to have justice knowing those people who hurt them before can’t hurt them again.