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We, the undersigned, inhabitants of the Middle East and North Africa, and Every soul loves justice and freedom, reject the "Deal of the Century" altogether and in detail, and we promise that we will work to drop this deal and support the Palestinian people until the occupation is ended and its freedom is fully attained on the homeland. Palestine and the rights of its people are not Jerusalem and its sanctities are not for sale. Your lies and thugs will find no benefit because we do not, and we will not accept the humiliation that you are trying to impose on us! We confirm here our demand for the governments of our region and the world not to give in to Trump's threats, and to reject the deal of shame completely and decisively. ”
Trump Bhatana claims that all countries and peoples of the region "want to be part" of the shame deal announced recently! What a shameless lie!

But we now have an opportunity to respond to his disastrous deal with a historic slap that will never be forgotten: the largest petition in the history, in which we together affirm that all peoples refuse to sell Jerusalem and will never betray the just Palestinian cause!

White House thugs may be able to threaten our governments to prevent them from fending off this conspiracy, but we, as people, will not remain silent and will not allow this deal to pass. Sign "Wide Century" and spread it widely! We will work to publish it in the major media outlets in Washington and the world, to close the door to Trump's bullying, lies, and thugs, and throw his deal in the dustbin of history.