Ban plastic bags From costal city’s

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As a 15-year-old in Las Vegas I’ve not had much experience in life, but what I can say is that in this world we only have one shot left to make things right. Currently there are many other issues in this world, including war, poverty, and starvation. However, by the time we finally overcome those as a civilization we will have destroyed our oceans and lakes due to plastic pollution. Sea turtles, fish, algae, aquatic mammals, and sea birds are some of the organisms threatened. Without our oceans, we will lose 50%-85% of our oxygen due to plankton/diatom die off. So in order to stop this process, I need your help by signing this petition to outlaw plastic bags in coastal city’s. As a solution to the alternative disposable bags, people will use reusable or compostable bags. I am positive that we can make a change and put a stop to this crisis all I need is you’re signature. I know it is a lot but I beg of you guys to reach 2 million signatures so share the link with as many friends and family members you can think of so we can meet this goal!!! Please and thank you!