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Most pool halls have been closed since March with no end in sight. This has gone far enough! It's time our governments allow ALL NATIONWIDE POOL HALLS TO OPEN IMMEDIATELY!!

The pool halls being closed effects people of ALL ages, races, genders, income levels, nationalities, political beliefs and more. 

This petition is labeled a Health issue, because anyone who is a pool player, or knows someone that is, recognizes that pool players NEED to play pool multiple times weekly for their mental health and physical well being. We go to pool halls to exercise our brain and get our minds off of life's everyday challenges and worries. 

A pool game is typically played between 2 players on a table that has 6 feet or more between the next table. When the players are done, the pool hall staff has adequate time to clean the table for the next customers. It is extremely easy to social distance and stay safe in a pool hall.

On top of the need for pool players to play pool regularly there is the business aspect. Pool Hall owners typically do not make much profits, but in a way they are prophets. Most are in the business to have a place that provides happiness to others and that satisfaction supersedes their decision to open a more profitable business. The decision to force them closed is causing irreparable harm. 

We are petitioning local, state and federal governments to allow ALL NATIONWIDE POOL HALLS TO OPEN IMMEDIATELY!