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Despite the fact that the Trump administration is pushing for a reopening of the country and has concluded that the COVID-19 virus is harmless to young people, a new DOD policy permanently disqualifies applicants with a COVID-19 history from joining the Armed Forces. Given the fact that the large majority of people within the United States will contract COVID-19, this provision has the implications to severely damage our national security by destroying our military's ability to fill its ranks.  Furthermore, thousands of service members from all branches have already contracted COVID-19 and therefore the ban on COVID-19 survivors from entering the military is a contradictory policy. Lastly, this ban has the potential to damage the career aspirations and livelihoods of thousands of young people who wish to serve their country. If the flue and other viruses do not merit permanent disqualification from the military, than neither should COVID-19. President Trump, as commander-in-chief, please fix this absurd policy that will only hamper your administrations promise to "make our military great again" and let COVID-19 survivors serve!